Knysna Activities and Excursions

21 Jan 2015

Bamboo's guests are fortunate in being able to choose from a dazzling array of activities and excursions available in and around Knysna.

Popping into the guest house almost daily is Donovan Smith, owner and operator of Trip Out Surfschool. Trip Out offers travelers a myriad of guided water and land based activities in the area. 24 year old 'Darkwing Duck' Don, a qualified lifeguard, medic and registered tour guide, strives to provide all his clients with a memorable and safe experience - not a difficult task in view of his personable nature, wide knowledge and extensive experience, plus the fact that the activities he offers are his passions in life.

Some of Don's offerings include:

Surfing (ZAR 250.00p.p.)

Buffalo Bay, a sheltered bay with gentle currents, just outside Knysna is the perfect spot for those yearning to acquire some of the skills needed to ride the waves. Don guarantees that one will be able to surf standing up after his two hour lesson - sounds like a great deal to me!

Snorkeling (ZAR 250.00 p.p.)

The Knysna Heads affords some of the finest cold water reef snorkeling in the area. The many rocky promontories coupled with the presence of a shallow wreck provide a haven for marine species such as oysters, mussels, colourful starfish, crabs, octopuses and a variety of fish species. As Don puts it, "it's just like a big fish tank." Subject to favourable tides as well as wind and weather conditions. snorkeling is conducted in approximately 5m deep waters along the shoreline. Don instructs novices in a safe cove initially.

Kloofing (ZAR 350.00 p.p.)

Don conducts magical half day kloofing or canyoning trips in pristine areas unknown even to locals! After a 3.5km forest hike, clients reach a watercourse where they swim, scramble and climb their way upstream through a beautiful gorge.

Seven optional jumps are on offer en route upstream, varying in height from a mild 2m to a dizzying 17m. For the more adventurous a 19m bridge jump is also available. Packed lunches are included.

Custom Tours

Don endeavours to satisfy his clients' interests and wishes and will put together any tour as required - from canoeing and hiking to township tours - just inform him of your desires. All Don's activities include transport, wetsuits, surfboards, snorkeling gear and food or refreshments.

Bamboo highly recommends the use of Don's services......passion is a rare quality these days that makes Don's trips extra special.