The Bamboo Business Boerie Bash

21 Jan 2015

Every month local business folk gather at a particular Knysna venue to network, share ideas and get to know each other. A strange name indeed perhaps for some, boerie is a colloquial term for boerewors, a type of sausage unique to South Africa. Intrinsic to Afrikaans culinary culture, boerewors has, over the centuries, found favour amongst all South African palates – so much so that a traditional braai (barbecue) invariably includes boeries in some form or another!

Bamboo Braai Bamboo Boerie Bash

Bamboo, the Guest House Knysna was chosen as the venue for this month’s Business Boerie Bash and, in typical Bamboo fashion, the event turned out to be somewhat different from those held previously. With a fantastic winter attendance of some 70 locals, we managed to ensure that the laid back Bamboo vibe touched the hearts of all those who participated. For those who had not previously visited Bamboo this was perhaps something of an eye opener!

Shortly after the first arrivals Gordon, Don and Morne got down to the serious business of the boerie braai, a central pillar of the Boerie Bash. With well over 100 portions of both boerewors and pork sausages to braai to perfection, the 3 braaimasters had their hands full! Eager attendees soon tucked into the tasty boerewors rolls, with the addition of their desired sweet or hot relish!

Drinks Braai Chef

As more and more attendees arrived everyone slotted quickly into social mode and a fantastic buzz pervaded Bamboo. Beer and wine flowed courtesy of local brewer Mitchell’s and both Knysna SuperSpar and Bamboo. New acquaintances were made and, in many cases, a face could be put to that person previously at the end of a telephone line or email! The Bamboo braai deck was a hive of activity as the alluring smell of wors on the coals wafted through the evening air.

As the bash progressed local muso Kaz Davids, a versatile singer and guitarist, kept everyone entertained with his R&B sounds. The Bamboo Business Boerie Bash was now in full swing! The braai team ensured that those who so desired were able to scoff a second boerie roll – and indeed many seconds were savoured!

Kaz Davids Braai

Ever eloquent Colin Vermeulen wrapped up proceedings with thanks to all who attended and, after a few words from Gordon, kicked off the traditional lucky draw. The three winners drawn were indeed fortunate in receiving fantastic prizes – free Knysna B&B accommodation courtesy of both Bamboo Guest House and Leisure Isle Lodge as well as a meal voucher at Mo’s on Rex!

The awesome Bamboo Business Boerie Bash closed on this high note and, as is the case frequently at our Knysna Guest House, those with a party bent extended the occasion for a few hours more in a very jovial fashion! Kudos to all involved in making this month’s Business Boerie Bash an occasion to remember!