Bamboo's New Curio Shop

21 Jan 2015

Bamboo guests can now browse through the wide range of items on display in our new curio shop. From artworks by local artists to bracelets from Kenya, we endeavour to showcase some of the diverse cultures and talents of Africa.
Our range of items for sale includes:

  • Vivid, evocative artworks (oils) by Stephanie Brice (Reith). Stephanie, born and bred in Africa, has a passion for its people and their rich tapestry of cultures. She too has a strong affinity for the wilder side of the continent, including the habitats and wildlife that constitute the untouched theatre of the African bush. Her paintings are an expression of both her passion and the vibrancy of Africa.
    See http://www.stephaniereith.com for some examples of Stephanie’s work.
  • Another talented African artist using oils to encapsulate the magic and energy of the continent’s people is Botswana born Itai Vangani, now living in Zimbabwe. Itai manages to convey, through his work, the uncomplicated, untainted and serene thread that runs through many African cultures.
    You can find Itai on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mqwai.
  • Local Sedgefield artist Jill Mooney combines African images, symbols and patterns in fabric paintings, inspired by the antique batik techniques and Akan (Adinkra) symbolism of West Africa. These decorative, hand painted works make beautiful wall hangings, table cloths, cushion covers or whatever takes your fancy. The fabric is 100% pure cotton and the paintings are both washable and weather resistant. Jill’s works can be folded up into a handy, travel friendly sized package.
  • An eclectic mix of arts and crafts sourced from many different African countries is also on display. A treasure trove of goodies beckons the browsing eye –
    • Leather, bone, seed and shell bangles and bracelets.
    • Recycled paper, bone, bone/silver and seed necklaces and chokers.
    • Bone and beaded key rings.
    • Decorative soapstone items.
    • Wooden and cow horn salad servers.
    • Bone, wooden and cow horn napkin rings.
    • Candle holders.
    • Small wooden carvings.
    • T-shirts.
    • Painted Swazi masks.
    • Palm leaf baskets and model Landrovers.
    • Ostrich eggshell mosaics.
    • Kids springbuck skin slippers.
  • An exciting new product on offer is a stunning, exclusive range of Mombi footwear (Ugg style boots) manufactured by ourselves. Our boots are made principally from nguni hides – an indigenous South African cattle breed – and each pair has a unique and distinctive pattern. The boots are lined with sheepskin for warmth and a latex layer, inserted between this lining and the outer skin, ensures that your feet remain dry no matter what the weather decides to do each day. Styles range from ankle to knee high and most foot sizes are catered for. We are happy to take orders for boots not in stock and we will arrange shipping to any worldwide destination.

So pop in to our shop on your next visit to Bamboo Accommodation Knysna and unearth that treasure just waiting for you.