Funky Knysna Guest House

22 Jan 2015

This guesthouse in Knysna epitomes the funkiness for which the town is famous. It’s called Bamboo, the guesthouse. On a trip with clients, I was thrilled that they wanted to get to their fancy 5-star hotel as early as possible every afternoon. This meant I had more time to enjoy this great little place where I was staying. Not as expensive as my clients’ hotel but much more fun.

The owners are very creative and have filled the gardens with all sorts of clever things. We’re talking recycling and inventiveness here, everything seems to have been picked up at markets and junk stores and nothing is wasted – lots of inspiration for hoarders!

It rained most of the time I was there which only added to the fun of feeling as if I was in the middle of the forest and gave me an excuse to hang out in the bar where everyone was friendly and fun. I loved it and want to go back!  Tip: have the pancake for breakfast, best I’ve ever tasted.

Palm Picture at Bamboo Guest House

Every room has a name and this was mine. It was small but had a lovely deck with a view over part of the garden – I loved it.

Walway to Bamboo Guest House Knysna

It was raining, the decks were slippery, I was carrying several bags, and the twisting paths were a labyrinth around the property so I got lost several times but so did everyone else. It was part of the fun. This path leads to my room.

Outside Bamboo Guest House Knysna

Luckily, I had lots of time to explore everything. The owner told me she loves shopping for junk and always comes home with masses of items. I believed her.

Pebbles Outside Bamboo Guest House Knysna

Loads of little treasures like this all over the place.

Hanging Baskets at Bamboo Guest House Knysna

Not your regular hanging baskets

Swimming Pool Nature in Knysna Guest House

An unusual swimming pool

Knysna Guest House Fire Place

In winter the bar and dining area with their various fireplaces must be very cosy.

Knysna Guest House Mural

A beautiful mural on one of the stoeps.

Knysna Guest House Mosaic

Lots of mosaic items.

Knysna Guest House Art in the Garden

More pretty stuff in the garden

Knysna Guest House Mandela Art

Only in Knysna

Knysna Guest House Art

Nothing is thrown away

Knysna Guest House Art Spades

There’s a use for everything

Blog Post by: Francoise Armour