Knysna Literary Festival

21 Jan 2015

The third annual Knysna Literary Festival, taking place from the 27th to the 29th April 2012, aims to reach out to Knysna's residents and visitors to promote literacy and education as well as the best South African authors.

The Knysna Literary Festival also aims to provide awareness to the attendees about an alarmingly low literacy rate in the Knysna area. Ling Dobson, of Pam Golding Properties Knysna, has taken extraordinary measures to promote the love of the written word. Apart from being the founder of the festival, Dobson has aims to foster creativity and promote literacy by creating cultural public spheres in which reading is promoted.

To support this cause, two of the prominent literary figures taking part in this year’s event are Mandy Wiener and Margie Orford.

Wiener is acclaimed as a high-powered political journalist who has written about one of South Africa's most publicized murder trials: she knows how to get the job done. Author of Killing Kebble, she follows the controversial and infamous trial of the murder of Brett Kebble. Not for the faint-hearted, Wiener goes into depth about the trial with unequalled insider information. Wiener specializes in investigative reporting and legal matters and is a multi-award winning journalist in the print and radio sectors. Currently employed at Eyewitness News- for which she has been working for the past eight years- she is dedicated to unbiased reportage, getting to the facts and supplying readers with accurate information.

Margie Orford, the celebrated and successful author of the Clare Hart series will also be attending the event. Orford was born in London and grew up in Namibia, in which her highly acclaimed second novel in the series was set. The Clare Hart series have been translated into nine languages. Daddy's Girl, published in the UK, France, Germany, and Holland, has reached an international audience with unprecedented success. Her latest, Gallows Hill is already drawing rave reviews. Orford's active participation in some of society’s urgent problems add an additional dimension to what she brings to the Festival. Orford is the Executive Vice-President of South African PEN and a patron for both Rape Crisis and The Little Hands Trust.

The Knysna Literary Festival stands for the improvement of people's minds through reading, creativity, and production. The festival promises an exciting offering, from interviews and talks, to discussion groups with South Africa's leading authors.

For further information about participation and for any queries, visit: Knysna Literary Festival

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