Knysna's Beautiful Beaches

21 Jan 2015

Another glorious day is coming to its close here in Knysna - glorious and hot! It seems that each day is more or less a repetition of the last. But what do people say about the climate in Knysna? I’ve spoken to a couple of tourists and most of them are of the opinion that there can quite easily be four seasons in a day. From cloudy and humid, to bright and dry, and to rain and mist- Knysna’s climate certainly does range quite widely. But tourists are one thing and long-standing locals are another. Jaynie is of the opinion that generally speaking, weather patterns in Knysna are returning to how they once were long ago. She remembers her childhood days filled with sunshine and heat, boiling hot days that always ended in a soft and gentle rain. And with what relief! She claims this is why Knysna is so green; that the rain had time to seep gently into the ground without having to suffer evaporation from the sun’s strong rays during the day-time hours. Hence Knysna’s bright, leafy greenness!

Why not take advantage of the summer climate and soak up some solar rays on some of Knysna’s beautiful beaches? Within 15km’s from our Knysna Accommodation, are two lovely but very different beaches.

Bollards Bay BeachKnysna's Bollards Bay Beach

Bollards Bay beach situated on Leisure Isle- referred to as ‘The Island’ by locals. Bollards Bay is actually a lagoon with its water level rising and falling at a phenomenal +/- 8metres every 12hours. It’s the perfect beach for taking the whole family as the waves never crash above knee-level. Perfect for toddlers and grandparents to wade gently around, this sandy little beach looks straight onto The Knysna Heads (an historical geographic structure). Take care to make sure the water is at ‘high-tide’ if you want to go swimming. At ‘low-tide’ one can almost walk to Featherbed Nature Reserve- the only thing stopping you from doing it is a very deep natural channel (so deep that sometimes whales have been spotted gliding alongside Featherbed Island).


The second beach is located at Brenton-on-Sea, an incredible stretch of white sand contrasted by sharp rock formations; a great play area for kids. There are many little rock pools great for finding star-fish, sea anemones and the like. Why not take a picnic basket, provided by Bamboo Guest House, fill it with a variety of delicious cheese and bread and a bottle of your favourite chilled white wine (a Chenin Blanc would be my first choice) and head to Brenton-on-Sea for an idyllic sun-set. If your group happens to be of the more adventurous type, why not spend your sun-set flying high with Cloudbase Paragliding School - an unforgettable experience.

Beach- Kit Essentials:

  • Sunscreen - a good 50spf for the face and a 20spf for the rest of your body. Don’t forget to apply at least once every hour, especially if you’re going swimming.
  • For the Kids: Boogie Boards, plastic toys, spades, goggles and masks etc…
  • Picnic baskets (provided from Bamboo Guest House) and Cooler Box (for chilled wine and icy beer) don’t forget water and snacks.
  • Chairs and Blankets.
  • Extra Clothing and Towels.
  • Aloe after sun gel (just in case!)
  • Waterproof disposable camera to preserve the wonderful memories!

If you are looking to visit some of Knysna's Beautiful Beaches, why not stay at our Knysna Accommodation?