Meltdown Moment

21 Jan 2015

It is often surprising how chance encounters give birth to new insights and new ventures. Jaynie and Gordon, owners of Bamboo, the Guest House Accommodation Knysna, recently attended the Getaway Show in Johannesburg where they chanced upon one of Gordon’s long standing friends, whom they had not seen for some six months….let’s call him Dave for the purposes of this blog. Jaynie, for one moment, thought that this was not Dave himself but rather his son, so lean and mean was the man who appeared before her! At their last encounter Dave was just Dave, plump and battling to lose those extra inches. Astonishingly Dave had, over just a short period, shed a few belt sizes! No wonder Jaynie and Gordon were stunned!

Dave’s secret? The wonders of Cold Red Laser technology. Essentially laser beams liquefy small stubborn areas of subcutaneous fat resistant to dieting and physical exercise. Fat cells are broken down and the resultant water, Glycerol and fatty acids are removed by the body’s lymphatic system. Saddle bags, muffin tops, jowls, double chin, flabby arms, sagging buttocks, etc. – these are all perfect candidates for cold red laser treatment.

So impressed were Jaynie and Gordon by Dave’s astonishing inch loss that they decided to research the technology further and, if it really did work, to set up a treatment center in Knysna. Jaynie underwent a session of treatments herself with incredible results. After consulting with various importers of the laser machines into South Africa, a UK manufactured machine, the “Strawberry” was chosen and Meltdown was born!

Meltdown, our Knysna treatment center, is now open – our therapists have been trained by Strawberry Laser Lipo in Johannesburg. The most remarkable aspect of our Strawberry laser spot fat reduction treatments is perhaps that no painful or invasive surgical procedures are involved! Gone are the days of those horror stories that used to accompany so-called ‘miracle cures’ to the problem of stubborn fat. Simply lie back and read a book at Meltdown whilst our Strawberry laser gets to work – no discomfort whatsoever!

Cold red laser treatment is the most cost effective route in body sculpting and contouring. Amazing results are generally achieved from day one! Have a look at the before and after pics below – these stunning results were obtained after only 5 treatment sessions!

Laser - Meltdown

Pics courtesy of Strawberry Galore Inch Loss

And hence the concept of the Meltdown Moment was conceived – that point in one’s life where one takes one’s own ‘giant leap’ – into the magical world of body contouring with our Strawberry laser technology.

Read the press reports and testimonials on this technology that really does work at http://www.strawberrylaserlipo.co.za.

There is nothing standing in the way of your own Meltdown Moment in Knysna.