Mitchells Brewery Knysna

21 Jan 2015

EInside Mitchells Breweryveryone around Knysna knows that Mitchells Brewery has delivered fine quality beer for about 20 years. Turns out that Lex Mitchell (the master-mind behind Mitchell’s Beer), and his barrel of beer came into being at the start of 1983 – a whopping 29 years ago. Equipped with a black BMW R90S, and a business-like mind, he began fruitfully, to encourage sales for his now-famous beer recipe (and smiles) around Knysna’s suburbs.

A few years ago, Lex decided it was time for a change and has since moved to Port Elizabeth (just a few hundred kilometres north of Knysna) and Dave McRae has become the brew master of the Mitchells range of beer. The current brewery has little changed over the last two (or so) decades and the brewery proudly hosts a 'traditional feel'.

Termed as a 'Microbrewery' (each and every bottle of beer is hand-poured!), Mitchells not only supplies the whole of Knysna with its delicious brews but also the whole of South Africa; from JHB to C.T, their beer is found in almost any bottle store anywhere. Thank goodness!

Beer FestivalInitially, Mitchells Brewery had produced only two of a now extensive range of beer; Forester's Lager and Bosun's Bitter. The beer reached the mouths of the public with such a raging demand that soon Mitchells were forced to move to bigger premises and began preparations to introduce new variations to their beer-line. Mitchell's is a 'real family business' with select staff having worked there for over ten years- but despite the 'family-feel' the brewery boasts that it is South Africa's second biggest brewery.

As it currently stands, the Microbrewery stocks 7 draught beers all produced with the finest ingredients available. Though influenced by British 'mashing' systems and German laagering techniques, Mitchell's beer produces beers that are uniquely South African.

Below is a list of the Mitchell's range as it stands to date:

  • FORESTER'S LAGER (3.6% Alcohol) A refreshing pilsner-type beer light in colour and body. This delicious beer is lightly hopped, slightly sweet, pleasing to the palate and has a faint aroma. Forester’s is an invigorating drink on a hot day.
  • BOSUNS BITTER (3.6% Alcohol) The first ‘real ale’ produced in South Africa, modelled on the English Yorkshire Bitter. Bosun’s is full of body and character and not too bitter. This beer has much to offer those looking for robust flavour.
  • 90 SHILLING ALE (5.0% Alcohol) 90 Shilling is a spicy ale with a gloriously round, full palate. This traditional Scottish ale will take you back in time as you savour the complex aromatic notes and full-bodied amber glow.
  • RAVEN STOUT (5.0% Alcohol) A black, medium strength milk stout full of flavour. Raven Stout is well balanced and exhibits a pronounced bitter and distinct hop aroma.
  • MILK & HONEY ALE (5.0% Alcohol) Milk & Honey is a slightly darker, robust ale. It has a touch of lactose and a drop of honey to sweeten things up. A beer to be treated with care and enjoyed on any occasion.
  • OLD WOBBLY LAGER (7.0% Alcohol) With a bold and alluring flavour, this draught packs a proverbial punch. Some have referred to its aroma as that of a sunny meadow but anyone who has tasted this malt knows that is deserves respect.

Other Services on Offer:

  • Party-pack Rentals. This includes a Porcelain Font Single Tap/Porcelain Font Two Tap.

FOR BOOKINGS OR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: info@mitchellsbrewery.com or 044 382 4685

Useful terms to get you knowledgeable around the bar or dinner table:

  • Lager: the term used in English to describe bottom-fermented beers is a generic term for highly hopped ales. Light to medium brown
  • Ale: Top fermented or warm fermented beer. Colours vary from pale to dark
  • Stout: Top fermented, classic ale, usually very dark, well hopped, bitter and strong
  • Pilsner: Clear, bottom fermented beer. Today a term used often to describe a lager. pale to light gold.

Brewery Tours and Beer Tasting:

Beer and Oyster SpecialUnder the guidance of the fabulous Natasza (the brewery tour co-ordinator) brewery tours and beer tastings are available. Ever wanted to know how beer is made? The tour includes an insight into all aspects of brewing the delicious nectars and beer tasting a selection of four of the beers. A highly-recommended tour. Bookings essential.

Please note bookings essential (+27 (0) 44 382 4685).

Address: Arend Street Knysna Industria, Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa, 6571. E-mail: info@mitchellsbrewery.com Telephone: +27 (0) 44-382-4685 Mobile Phone Number: +27 (0) 44-382-5818

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