Pick n’ Pay Cape Times Knysna Forest Marathon 2012

21 Jan 2015

Have you heard? Have you heard?

It’s almost that time of year again and running enthusiasts are preparing for one of the most sought-after races of the year. This year, The Pick n’ Pay Cape Times Knysna Forest Marathon takes place on the 14th July.

21km Fun RaceThere are two available races in which to choose from; runners can either embark on the full marathon which is a challenging 42.2km and a half marathon at 21.1km.

Entries for running participants opens on the 1st of March (for single applicants) and close once all the available placements are filled or on the 15th May, depending on the numbers. Your best bet is to apply as soon as possible as avid runners will be disappointed not to participate in this unique race!

To find out about the rules and regulations, application dates, prices, venue etc. please visit: “The Knysna Marathon Club” website. 

Let’s face it, preparing for any Marathon is hard work. It requires months of training, both mentally and physically. Above the reasons of fitness and challenge, marathoners are participating to have a good time. Naturally, it can be very disappointing to have any logistical errors occur during the start of the race.

42km Knysna MarathonTo prevent any mishaps from occurring I’ve compiled a list of previous concerns relating to the logistics of both races, so that this year’s participants have a good idea of what they’re in for. (There are positive comments too!)

Here are what some previous race participants say about the races:

Very Helpful Tips:

  • Since the race happens in mid-winter the race organisers have allowed participants to wear track-suits and bring blankets to the venue. Once the race starts, you will be able to throw off your cosy items to our needy local community.
  • Before the race begins, there are tents provided with fires, free food and coffee so you can stay warm and fed before the race.

Things to watch out for:

  • NO bins are provided at the start of the race. Try to throw away your rubbish before you get there to avoid littering. Please try to take care of our indigenous forests- after all we are using it for our fitness pleasure.
  • Take into account that there may be delays in the races start. Keep your muscles warm to avoid any injuries. Keep your blankets on and keep an energy bar handy, just in case!
  • Provided during the race are only Coca Cola and Water. (Energade is only given at the end!)


  • “I was privileged enough to have taken part in my first Knysna Marathon this weekend and I would like to congratulate the organizers on a job well done. The taxi ride was a great experience … I think it was well worth it from a marathoner’s eyes.”
  • “Thanks for a great event, the vibe, the hot coffee, blankets and general organisation…!” - Anonymous

Knysna MarathonCold Knysna Marathon

Photo’s courtesy of: www.actionphoto.net.

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