Sailing in Knysna

11 Oct 2017

Aside from being a water sport haven, sailing is another popular activity in Knysna and offers an exciting adventure for all vessels from small sailboats to large ocean going yachts.

Hop on board and enjoy the sound of the wind in the sails and the water lapping against the bow as you embark on a sail along one of our country’s most beautiful scenic coastlines.

Sailing along the Knysna lagoon and through the Heads (one of the most notoriously difficult sea passages in the world) into the Indian Ocean is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and take in the Western Cape’s natural beauty where estuary meets open ocean.

The Knysna Lagoon and Heads are beautiful to look at, but your stay at Bamboo Guest House Accommodation Knysna would not be complete with a champagne or sunset cruise aboard one of Knysna’s many fine yacht charters. There are a few renowned charters in Knysna who facilitate exclusive sailing trips around the lagoon and through the Knysna Heads and into the tropical regions of the Indian Ocean.

Evening sailing in Kynsna

Image credit: Knysna Featherbed

Springtide Sailing Charters

Springtide Sailing Charters offers a truly unique experience to be at the helm of their 50-foot luxury yacht, Outeniqua. With a highly experienced crew on board, this gorgeous yacht was hand-built by owner and skipper, Stephan Pepler.

Choose from a sunset cruise, a day’s sailing, champagne breakfast, honeymoon cruise or dinner charter for groups of up to 12 persons. You can look forward to cruising across the serene lagoon, out the Knysna Heads and then sailing towards Buffalo Bay before anchoring to enjoy a feast and a refreshing dip in the lagoon. This is definitely a sailing experience to be remembered!

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Sailing in Knysna

Image Credit: Trip Advisor

The Featherbed Company

The Featherbed Company offers exclusive sailing on the Knysna Lagoon, through the Knysna Heads and into the Indian Ocean on their luxury catamaran yacht, Heads Explorer.

The Heads Explorer and her experienced skipper will take you on an unforgettable sailing experience and is the perfect activity for the adventurous and romantic at heart. Choose from a sunset cruise complete with anti-pastas, wine and oysters before stopping off at Featherbed Nature Reserve. This charter is ideal for small groups, private charter, parties and special occasions.

For more info visit their website.

Day Sailing in Knysna

Image credit: Knysna Featherbed

Knysna Yacht Company

Looking to buy a yacht of your own? Knysna Yacht Company is the place to visit. Their state of the art factory produces the finest luxury catamarans that are meticulously handcrafted for the discerning taste by master boat builder Kevin Fouche.

The Knysna catamarans are purpose built, designed, and engineered for serious blue water sailing and demanding sea conditions, such as the rugged South African coastline.

For more info visit their website.

Knysna Yacht club

Knysna has one of the oldest Yacht Clubs in South Africa and is internationally renowned for its great hospitality and facilities. Visiting yachts have a beautiful and safe lagoon where they will find convenient mooring and enjoy water sports, sailing, sunset cruises and lagoon fishing. Those without yachts are always welcome at the Club to enjoy a sundowner and hear the exciting stories from local sailors.