Sedgefield’s Saturday Markets

21 Jan 2015

The beautiful Garden Route coastal town of Sedgefield continues to break new ground in its quest to rekindle the uncomplicated ways and philosophies our modern, stressful lifestyles have long since banished! Nothing epitomizes these aspirations more than the town’s claim to fame as being Africa’s first officially designated ‘Slow Town’. Inherent to the global Cittaslow movement is a passionate belief that modern society needs desperately to reconnect with the past – by reacquainting itself with the simplicity that formerly underlay both our lives and lifestyles. The annual Sedgefield Slow Festival, a fun filled expression of these aspirations, continues to impress both locals and visitors year after year.

Sedgefield Sedgefield

Underpinning the weekly Sedgefield Saturday Markets is the theme of ‘back to earth’ and ‘out of the mall’. The monstrous, impersonal, clinical and artificial mega-shopping malls proliferating throughout the world have divorced individuals from both the origin of and craft involved in the production of all the goodies these retail outlets try so hard to persuade us to purchase! We have lost touch with the local ‘butcher, baker and candlestick maker’ – to such an extent that many young kids today have no concept of the origin of the shrink wrapped produce on the supermarket shelves!

Sedgefield Sedgefield

Conveniently situated alongside the N2, the Garden Route’s main arterial road, the Sedgefield Saturday Markets are extremely well patronized by both Sedge residents and visitors from all corners of the globe. Market goers are presented with a dazzling array of fresh produce and other tasty treats, arts and crafts, clothing and the like. Three distinctive markets, all adjacent to each other, combine to produce this magical Saturday morning Sedgefield experience.

Extremely popular amongst both locals and visitors alike is The Wild Oats Community Farmer’s Market, set under a canopy of Australian myrtle trees. From mouthwatering breakfasts to untainted local produce fresh from the farm you are bound to be lured into staying longer than you anticipated! Fruit, veggies, breads, meats, cheeses, sweet and savoury treats, fresh juices (you must try the pomegranate!), jams, fish, pestos,…….the list of items on offer is staggering! Best of all, you get to meet the farmer, grower or producer. Additionally, a range of culinary herbs, indigenous plants and beautiful cut flowers are available too!

Sedgefield Sedgefield

Adjacent are the Scarab Village Craft Market, a showcase of local artists and artisan crafters, and The Island Market, a traditional flea market with a slight hippyish feel and vibe! Browsing through both these market is sure to reveal that special discovery!

Bamboo Guest House Knysna visitors invariably include the Sedgefield Saturday Markets on their weekend schedules – and reports upon their return are, without exception, very favourable. Do remember though, Wild Oats is the first to open – so be there early to avoid disappointment!